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Hollywood Swagger recently had the chance to catch up with our friend Aubrey Oday to discuss life after Danity Kane, her singing career, and her upcoming plans for 2011.  Check out the exclusive interview down below-

HS: First of all Aubrey thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule for us- Now I’m sure everyone wants to know,  how is life after Danity Kane?

Aubrey: Life’s good. But it has been hard for me. All i ever wanted to do was be on a stage with a group and show what I can do. When that gets taken away from you, it hurts. But now, I’m living life to the fullest! Enjoying every moment of it & working hard for my own projects!

HS: How long have you been singing, and how did you originally get started in that?

Aubrey: I’ve been singing ever since I was little! I was always singing and dancing at home, loved performing at school with friends. Then I began my career with MTV’s Making The Band.

HS: Tell everyone a little background on where you grew up and how long you’ve been living in the Hollywood area?

Aubrey: I grew up in The Bay & been living in LA since … God, i don’t really know how long .. but it’s been a few years.

HS: Our website is all about the swagger, or energy, that comes with the city of Hollywood- in what ways do you notice that this city is different than anywhere else in the world?

Aubrey: The people here are just different. You never really know who to truly trust. There are so many different kinds of people in the world and i think in Hollywood you get to see every single kind of person.

HS: Obviously your schedule is pretty full, so what does a normal day consist of for a successful singer/model like yourself?

Aubrey: Rehearsel, quick bite, perform, do interviews, and work out.

HS: And what do you like to do for fun during your leisure time?

Aubrey: Be with the family and friends. I absolutely loveeee my family!!!!!

HS: Any upcoming project our plans that your fans should look out for?

Aubrey: My new show called “All About Aubrey” will air soon on Oxygen, so I’m veeeeryy excited about that! Also, I’m finishing up, doing some more work on my first solo album that’ll come out around the same time. Be sure to check that out!

HS: Do you have any advice for young up and coming singers?

Aubrey: Prepare yourself for this industry. There will be a lot of people trying to bring you down.  Always stay true to yourself!!

HS: I’m sure a lot of our male visitors want to know, but is there any significant other in your life right now?

Aubrey: No, there isn’t … YET! haha :-)

HS: Now that it’s the start of 2011, did you make any new year’s resolutions?

Aubrey: Just to be successful and good at anything I want to do. Be strong for my family, friends & myself!

HS: Sounds great. Well your obviously keeping yourself very busy so we won’t keep you too long, but thanks for stopping in and taking the time to do this interview for us.  Make sure you check in often and keep us updated with how things are coming along with all your new ventures!

Aubrey: Thank you!

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  1. Tina Scorina says:

    I LOVE Aubrey!! I was so happy when I saw her on here. I didn’t know she has a new show coming out, can’t wait to watch now! :)

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