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Hollywood Swagger recently caught up with Alie Craig. Check out her exclusive pictures and interview below.

HS: First and foremost please tell our readers a little about yourself.

Alie: I am 21 years old and modeling is a HUGE passion of mine. I’ve been doing it since I was 17 but I really started to love it and take it more seriously when I turned 20. I am also an artist and a designer. I have my own clothing line named Alibyalie, which I started when I was 18. I long board too- I have a sector 9 and a gravity board.


HS: Where did you grow up and how long have you lived in the area?

Alie: I grew up all over. I was born in Richmond, Virginia, lived in New York for a few years, and spent my teen years in Jupiter, Florida. I’ve lived in California for almost three years now.


HS: What do you enjoy most about living in this area?

Alie: Everything is so centrally located and people are more laid back then back home. It’s nice. No mosquitoes too! That’s always amazing.


HS: What are your goals and aspirations?

Alie: I want to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated and I eventually want to be a successful actress. I also want to open up a store for Alibyalie in Los Angeles.


HS: What gives you your “Swagger” and makes you different than everyone else?

Alie: Well swagger to me is a form of confidence and a way to really express you as you.. and then some. Having the attitude that people look up to and that people would want. I think I’m different because I just try to be myself – silly and goofy. A lot of girls out here just put on a serious face and they don’t look very approachable or happy.


HS: What has been your favorite and/or most interesting project that you’ve worked on so far? And why?

Alie: I was a video host for a company called “SOFLO” and it was featuring the Ft Lauderdale boat show. I really like boats and scuba diving so it was interesting to learn more about both!


HS: What does a normal day consist of for you?

Alie: Typically a meeting, a photo shoot, and some workout time :)


HS: What do you like to do in your leisure time for fun?

Alie: I love hanging out with friends, catching up with family, getting good food, traveling, hiking, skating, and paddle boarding.


HS: Any upcoming projects or plans that your fans should look out for?

Alie: I hope so!! I keep everything updated on my fan page or my personal facebook, so you can always check there!


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