Model Talk with Anna Christina Pullig-Gomez

HS: First and foremost please tell our readers a little about yourself.

Anna: My name is Anna Christina Pullig-Gomez. I am a Third Year Communications Studies / Linguistics & Anthropology student at UCLA. I love the outdoors, the Arts, travel, and philanthropy. In the future, I hope to be an Architect, but first I’d like to get further into modeling and acting and work for a while as a Disney Princess. Life is about taking every opportunity you can to challenge yourself and make yourself a better person!


HS: Where did you grow up and how long have you lived in the area?

Anna:I moved a lot as a kid– all over the States, into Canada, and in Mexico. My family and I spent a few years in Sisters, Oregon so I would definitely call that my hometown. Sisters is a tiny, tiny town in the mountains of Central Oregon. Known for the outdoors, the Rodeo, and the Quilt Show, Sisters is a really close-knit community and a very unique atmosphere in which to grow up. I came to Los Angeles to attend the very prestigious and very beautiful UCLA, and have been here for three years now.


HS: What do you enjoy most about living in this area?

Anna: Los Angeles is a city of opportunity– there are so many different things to do here and so many adventures waiting to happen! Coming to LA really opened doors for me in terms of the Entertainment Industry and the pageant world, so I’m really thankful that I made the decision to come here. Living in Westwood Village is fantastic! It’s a small college-town feel, very comfortable, very safe; the beach is just down the street, Hollywood and Downtown LA are nearby, we live between Bel Air and Beverly Hills– it’s a life I never could have imagined up in Oregon!


HS: What are your goals and aspirations?

Anna: I love Architecture and Environmental Design, so the long-term dream is to one day have my license as a practicing Architect. I hope to travel the world, meet great people, learn new languages, understand new cultures, try new foods, have new experiences. And more than anything I just want to be a role model for young girls and young women and inspire them to work hard and respect themselves in all realms of life.


HS: What gives you your “Swagger” and makes you different than everyone else?

Anna: I have a really positive outlook– nothing can bring me down! Perhaps because of my own life challenges or because of the things I have seen abroad, I just feel that it is important to have strength and always count your blessings. I really believe that what is meant to be will be, and worrying about what the future holds is just unnecessary stress.


HS: What has been your favorite and/or most interesting project that you’ve worked on so far? And why?

Anna: Gosh, that’s a tough one! Once some friends and I went out into the woods in Oregon for a shoot. The whole thing revolved around the concept of “Winter Sprites”– we wore plastic wrap and blue makeup and twigs in our hair and went out into the snow. It was freezing (literally 10 degrees) and we fell through some thin ice, but the show went on and we all had a really good attitude about it so it was great! The shots turned out fantastic and we had a really good time.


HS: What does a normal day consist of for you?

Anna: I wake up at 5, get my first workout done before most people are even out of bed, eat a hearty breakfast, get ready for my day. I usually have class in the mornings followed by work or my internship. Around 4, I come home and take some time to catch up with the world– check e-mail, Facebook, 9Gag. After dinner I do some homework and get my second workout done. Then I usually hang out with friends– watch a movie, venture out into Westwood, chat. Then I study some Chinese or get some reading done until I fall asleep.


HS: What do you like to do in your leisure time for fun?

Anna: I love the outdoors– hiking, swimming, going to the beach, laying in the grass. I like to draw and paint, I actually sell custom artwork and murals so if anyone is interested please hit me up! I’m not much of a party girl but I do like to go out with friends. I’m a total geek so I spend a lot of time surfing webcomics and playing video games. And more than anything, I love doing charity work– I try to get out there and help people in any way I can. I’m particularly fond of Habitat for Humanity and have been involved with them for many years.


HS: Any upcoming projects or plans that your fans should look out for?

Anna: There are definitely some exciting things coming up soon, so I really hope to take advantage of the opportunities that have been presented to me! Stay tuned for some big surprises (hopefully). My schedule is full of shoots and I’m always happy to try new things, so if anyone has any ideas or concepts they would like to see me try, let me know!

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