Model Talk with Mariela IV


HS: First and foremost please tell our readers a little about yourself.

Mariela: A little bit about me is I am a model and actress. A method Actress for film and TV. I am also known as a Model, Artist and Social-lite. I have been modelling since I was 14, my first modelling project was for a hair runway show in California for a celebrity hair stylist Pipo Suarez from south america. I love also the arts as well, painting and the 3-D arts. My first main landing for filming was in Denver, CO where I was a host for 6 months for a Denver local popular magazine, “303 Magazine” for there live fashion and beauty photo shoots. I have been living in Los Angeles now for 4yrs. where I am acting and modelling.  I have been mentored by many  great acting teachers such as Paul Parker. To date I have been featured on 12 Corazones, Who wants to date a Comedian, Grey’s Anatomy, guest appearance on Tom Green show, Actors Reporter and Playboy radio en espanol. Lead roles in music videos for the top international musicians and has had supporting and co-star roles in indie and feature films. You can read my bio on all of online sites. As for me personally I am down to earth humble socially fun gal :) Always keep it positive and classy.


HS: Where did you grow up and how long have you lived in the area?

Mariela: I grew up mainly in denver, co but I did also live in Bolivia as a child. Denver though is where I did live for 22yrs. My home now is in LA :) I have been living here for 4 yrs now. My family still live in Colorado hopefully can transport them here :)


HS: What do you enjoy most about living in this area?

Mariela: LA is great city that you can do about anything you can think of with great weather. Its a new adventure or venture everyday. I love the warm sunny days and this is the entertainment capital for film/tv being that I am a actress/model this is the perfect city for this.


HS: What are your goals and aspirations?

Mariela: My main goals are with my acting career I always love modelling too. My career is definitely building here. I’m just fast and furious but sometimes you have to be a patient will maybe just a little bit :)  I just became sag so feel accomplished with that now. I’m ready for the big blockbuster films now :)


HS: What gives you your “Swagger” and makes you different than everyone else?

Mariela: I always have been very a creative person having my own unique identity and love creating new ideas since I was a child. My mind is always running with the next great idea. And then I do it. I’m definitely a go getter and go for what I want. In life it is a sport and you have to know how to play the game or dance in it, metaphorically speaking. Confidence with a charming personality but always being humble gives me my swagger ;)


HS: What has been your favorite and/or most interesting project that you’ve worked on so far? And why?

Mariela: My favorite project that I have worked on to this date is tough one to say because mostly all of my experiences have been refreshing, different and great experiences. But I would say a recent music video I was in which I cant say yet of what it is but the set, design and creativity was brilliant. I am usually impressed by creativity so this set impressed beyond the limit with the creativity.


HS: What does a normal day consist of for you?

Mariela: A normal day for me is never normal lol. Well if you mean what I am doing when I am not working on set or in a photo shoot, that would be when I am somewhat normal haha.  I usually do yoga, hike, work out, definitely a movie goer, meet with friends. But I am a very active person so always on the go, meetings, audition, or booked on a project. I also have a very social lifestyle, attending dinners, events, parties in the hills or red carpet events.


HS: What do you like to do in your leisure time for fun?

Mariela: In my leisure time I enjoy being with friends and loved ones. I enjoy having a healthy active lifestyle with indoor and oudoor sports. Definitely love being social at special events. I have never been the couch potato…only still for when watching a movie flick.


HS: Any upcoming projects or plans that your fans should look out for?

Mariela: I just finished a couple indie films, “Living the Dream” and “Organize Chaos” so those are in post production so definitely can look out for those to come out as a movie premiere. Acting is my main focus but Iswitch it up sometimes model for a while and host/spokesmodel for private events.


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