Playboy Model Tierra Lee

Hollywood Swagger recently caught up with our friend and playboy model Tierra Lee to discuss her recent publishing in Playboy magazine.

HS: Tierra, you recently moved out to LA from a small town in New York, how are you enjoying the city?

Tierra: I am loving the LA area so far there is a lot to do and it’s very exciting being able to do something different each night.

HS: Playboy is such a huge accomplishment, how was it working with Playboy?

Tierra: Working with Playboy has been a blast so far, they make it fun and exciting for you and I can’t wait to work with them more!

HS: Coming from a small town, how does it feel to see yourself published in a magazine that is distributed all over the world?

Tierra: Being published in a Playboy magazine has made me feel sooo accomplished and thrilled already. I hope I can be fortunate enough to be published in many more to come.

HS: Do you have any upcoming project or plans that your fans can look out for?

Tierra: Currently I work on Playboylive so my fans can always come and stop by and chat with me! In the future I’m hoping to get more work from Playboy and other modeling related gigs.

HS: Now that it’s the start of 2011, did you make any New year’s resolutions you care to share?

Tierra: My new year’s resolution was to do good in school and make the best of my huge change in moving to LA from a small town in western New York!

HS: Well Tierra thanks for stopping by Hollywood Swagger, we look forward to seeing more of you on here in 2011. Good luck with all your upcoming work!

Tierra: Thank you!

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