Supperclub Wednesday with Louis Carreon and Dirt Nasty

Whoa. The event last night at Supperclub, Hollywood was insane. I’m still trying to regain full hearing in my right ear from the 15 speaker tower that DJ Kev E. Kev was bumpin his latest mix through.

Louis Carreon and his promotions team proved once again why they are one of Hollywood’s top party throwers by putting together the latest event at Supperclub.  Dirt Nasty and Petty Tom jumped on the mic, while Too Short and Kimbo Slice were part of the many onlookers. The club was equipped with plenty of paparazzi outside, a red carpet, tv cameras for some reality show… there was even a full on jump house in there for the girls that needed to let loose on more than just the dance floor.

If you didn’t have a chance to partake in this insane event, don’t worry, I got plenty of footage to give you a feel of the energy that Supperclub was spewing last night. But if you are in the area, I highly recommend that you get over to Supperclub next Wednesday night.

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