Banksy Paints the Town

Street-art fanatics and bloggers have been buzzing this week over new paintings that appear to be the work of the mysterious British graffiti master, Banksy.

Banksy’s documentary, “Exit Through the Gift Shop” is currently nominated for an Oscar and some are wondering if he is setting the streets abuzz for this occasion. Whatever the reason may be, very few people are complaining.

Banky’s first piece of work, dubbed “Crayola Shooter”, can be seen in Westwood on the back on an Urban Outfitters building in the UCLA neighborhood.

Check out more of Banksy’s work after the jump.

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Banksy Graffitis His Way to the Bank

The man simply known as Banksy, is the world’s most famous graffiti artist. His street art combines dark humor with graffiti that is done in a distinctive stenciling technique. His artistic work of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world.  But what’s surprising to most, is just how valuable this street art has become.  When Banksy recently left his mark on a downtown Los Angeles building, it was estimated that the building he chose as his canvas more than doubled in value.

Banksy art Downtown LA(Banksy Art Downtown Los Angeles)

That fact isn’t too surprising when you consider that some of Banky’s individual pieces have sold for as much as $750,000.  And he’s not the only one taking this street art to the bank. In December, journalist Max Foster coined the phrase, “the Banksy effect”, to illustrate how interest in other street artists was growing on the back of Banksy’s success. The questions is, should Banksy’s valuable graffiti be considered art, or vandalism?  Take a look at some more pieces below and you decide…

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