A Day at Chris McMillan Salon with Michael Sparks

Fashion and style is as big of a part of Hollywood as entertainment. We wanted to get an inside look at this culture that is responsible for setting the newest trends worldwide. There’s really no better way to do that than to spend a day at one of the top hair salons, with one of the top hair stylists. We ventured over to the Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills to catch up with Michael Sparks.

From the moment you walk in the doors you’ll notice a very upbeat energy. Music was playing throughout the place, the chairs were full of clientele, and most importantly- a lot of great looking hair throughout.

When we got there Michael was just sitting his first client of the day. It didn’t take long to notice how much time and care goes into these cuts… very resembling of an artist working on his canvas. About an hour later the cut was complete. This process took place non-stop, all day long. Each haircut had it’s own style and look, with every one of Mike’s clients leaving with a huge smile on their face.

For all you hair style fanatics, we got some before and after pics, plus did an interview with Michael so he could break down his perspective on the latest styles and trends.Check out everything by clicking “Read More” below-

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Michael Sparks- Stylin’ the Stars

Michael Sparks is beginning to make some serious “waves” in the Hollywood scene. Working out of the infamous Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills, Michael is quickly becoming known as one of the top stylist in the area and is currently working with some very high end clientele.  Check out this tweet/picture that came from Lisa Edelstein (House) early today:

@LisaEdelstein: Spencer Barnes and @Michael20Sparks keep me calm by rearranging my face and reorganizing my hair.

And here is Lisa at the at the Choice Awards about to accept here prize for Favorite TV Drama Actress- fresh haircut and all:

Michael has been feature in magazines such as Allure and Elle and just got done with a feature spot in Seventeen magazine.  Take a look at some of Michael’s work down below and feel free to book an appointment or ask any questions on his personal website- www.MichaelSparksHair.com

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